Allergy Friendly Restaurants

Waterzooi – Port Washington, NY

Waterzooi has opened a new location in Port Washington featuring Belgian-style food. The Garden City location has been serving up their specialty of muscles pots –  what they describe as mussels served with frites and mayonnaise – for more than 20 years. This new location allows more Long Islanders to get familiar with Belgian cooking. The menu features plenty of seafood.”

Caution: Seafood, Gluten

Louie’s – Port Washington, NY

Louie’s is one of my favorite restaurants in the area. Seafood is amazing and the dishes never disappoint. The waitstaff are accommodating, attentive, friendly and knowledgeable. We have come here many times with our young son, on date nights and out with friends and every time, I say how much I love it there. Sit outside for a truly awesome sunset and you will be transported to a vacation mindset before you even finish your appetizer.”

Caution: Seafood, Gluten

Mole Mole – Port Washington, NY

“First time trying and I was deliciously surprised on the quality and taste of the food – is this the best I’ve ever had? Maybe not, but it’s up there on the list for take out. The barbacoa was really full of flavor, perfectly cooked. The chicken was spicy and tender – also cooked well. The quality of the tacos/burritos were super tasty – need to get that brand when I make them at home.”

Caution: Gluten

Yamaguchi – Port Washington, NY

“My family drives all the way to Port Washington from Bayside to eat here every other week. By far our favorite Japanese restaurant.

Each time we come here, we ALWAYS get:
– Shrimp Tempura Salad – its just spring mix, avocadoes, shrimp tempura and a tomato but the DRESSING is BOMB. It really makes the whole dish. It’s lemony and it just totally works. Solid 9/10
– Eggplant Appetizer – this might be the sole reason we go so often. It’s a fried crispy eggplant with some sort of soy sauce. I literally don’t eat eggplant other than this. It’s super fresh and crispy. 10/10
– Agedashi Tofu – the super yummy sauce they put under it makes it unique 8/10.

What’s telling about Yamaguchi is that their wasabi is REAL wasabi and not the play dough kind of stuff you find 99% of the time. Their sashimi is always fresh and doesn’t EVER have a fishy taste to it at all. I have yet to find this kind of quality at other Japanese restaurants.”

Caution: Seafood

Pepe Rosso – Port Washington, NY

“Our go to place with family in Port. Good Italian food; generous portions, desserts are great, fried calamari is always good. Gnocchi is a hit with the kids and the lobster ravioli is special.”

Gluten-free options available!

Wild Honey On Main – Port Washington, NY

“Still the best! The old favorites like mussels, burrata and kielbasa apps, salmon, pork shank and stark and the desserts like cappuccino ice cream pie are better than ever. And the newer creations are perhaps even better. They did a great job making the inside safe for the times and the outside tables are a very nice addition. And you can see everyone smiling underneath the masks making sure everything is just right. Would eat here every night if I could.”

Diwan – Port Washington, NY

“My husband and I have been here a few times to dine in and have ordered in many times. The food is good and we especially love the samosas and the chicken tikka makini. They also have a full bar and seem to be a great place for large groups.”

Nikkei Of Peru – Port Washington, NY

“While not our usual Japanese restaurant, we do treat ourselves here about once every other month. Excellent service and very good food. I highly recommend the Taku Taku bites or the Coklo to start your meal. I really enjoy these dishes. I am a fan of their short ribs or the house special sushi.”

Caution: Seafood

Bosphorus Cafe Grille – Port Washington, NY

“There is only praises for Bosphorous. We were here twice & each time a hit. The food is delicious everything we ordered was fresh, delicious & nice portions. Our waiter was pleasant & the owner came over to greet us and ask how was everything. Port Washington is fortunate to have such a wonderful restaurant. We’ll be back again!”

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